Rooftop Production is a 3D animated film production company made up of specialized artists who have known each other in production in France and abroad and who thus concretize their desire to come together around quality projects.

The effectiveness of our teams is validated by numerous joint productions of series, video game cinematics and animated feature films. 

United around a desire for excellence, we are experienced directors, art directors, 2D / 3D graphic designers and have an army of good people. We can take care of the creation of a CGI animated film from the ground to the Rooftop.


Inspired by the projects of our clients, we can take charge of different areas of the production line of an animated film.

Here is what we can do for you :


At Rooftop, we know how much graphic bibles are essential to clearly establish character designs, sets, props, entire universes. In order to unify production around a solid vision, our Concept Artists are a force for proposals. They can adapt to different worlds and quickly detect the director’s vision to deliver compelling designs, expression sheets, turn-around, posing, moodboard, color key. In order to quickly deliver relevant visuals we appreciate having a perfect knowledge of the script. 


Modeling does honor to designs, it inspires surfacing, it allows rigging. Good modeling lights up well. Good modeling can be reused. Artists above all, our modelers are bulletproof, nothing escapes them. Very comfortable with creating characters,, At Rooftop Production we find several established character artists who know both the topological challenges and the asset delivery standards of large productions. We can assume the creation of props, environment and characters on different levels of realism, up to cartoon, which we appreciate just as much.


Texturing and shading bring assets to life. It is an art form in its own right that involves deep artistic and technical knowledge. Our established artists are able to bring innovative styles through different workflows. Painted textures or realism, we are comfortable with the most used texturing software in the animated film and video game market, real time invites us to new challenges and stimulates our creativity. Substance, Mari, Photoshop and Zbrush hold no secrets from us. We have strong knowledge and deep roots.


In the service of animation, the Rigging department takes care of determining the needs of the characters, props, vehicles in order to build their skeleton accordingly. Rigging artists are comfortable with the development of tools to facilitate the creation or handling of animated assets (mel, python). It requires artistic sensitivity, meticulousness and precision. We are also very comfortable with facial rigging, with the Tindall + Bcs method.


Rooftop's 3D animators pay great attention to the overall intent of the project. It is for them to interpret the movement of the characters, props, vehicles, taking into consideration the weight, the emotions. Used to large productions, our animators were able to work on different formats, series, animated feature films, music videos, commercials. Mainly 3D oriented, we also have a traditional animator comfortable with 2D FX.


EXPERTISE CREATIVE | TECHNIQUE. Facial shapes modeling, Character Design, Character creation workflow, LookDev, Modeling, Animation, Compositing, Music and sound.


We can take care of the full production of an animated film.

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